Catering Services


Wendy Krispin Caterer customizes each and every menu to fit the couple perfectly. Our buffets start out at $25.00 per person for food based on 150 guests. Rental and staff cost vary according to style and presentation of food (seated, stations, or buffet).

Below are some menus from the six types of weddings we have done in the past. Please note that menu pricing can change based on number of guests, seasonality of items, style of service, location, and intricacies of the venue.

Menu 1- Buffet

Guests serve themselves from long or round buffet table. This requires the fewest amount of servers to execute.

Buffet Dinner Sample (.xls)

Menu 2

Preset Salad with Buffet.

Buffet with preset salad Sample (.xls)

Menu 3- Station

stations of food with chefs making/ customizing food to order.

Station sample menu (.xls) List of Stations (.xls)

Hot Gourmet – Pick & Choose Menu

Hot Gourmet Menu (.PDF)

Menu 4- Seated

Family Style

Family Style Dinner Sample (.xls)

Menu 5

Seated and Served plated at table.

Seated Dinner Sample (.xls)

Menu 6

Heavy Hors/ Cocktail.

Hors d’Oeuvres Buffet Sample (.xls)