The Knots Top 23 Questions to Ask your Caterer- Answered!

The Knot posted a list of questions you should ask your caterer before you book and we think it is great to properly vet your vendors. So we wanted to answer every question for any brides or grooms, so they can see that we want to answer any and all questions and so they feel comfortable having us cater their wedding!

1. Does the caterer have a license?

Yes, Wendy Krispin Caterer is fully licensed. Our Kitchen is located in Dallas Tx.

2. Does the caterer have liquor liability insurance (if they’re providing alcohol)?

Yes, We have $2 Million Liability insurance, $2 Million Liquor Liability and $2 Million Workmans compensation.

3. Can the caterer provide references from previous clients?

Absolutely, we have many happy clients. We encourage people to view our reviews on sites such as or as well.

4. Is the caterer working any other weddings or events on the same weekend or same day?

Most Saturdays we only have one wedding. Occasionally we will have a Friday and Sunday wedding too but we are dedicated to providing the best service to all our clients.

5. Does the caterer specialize in certain types of food, such as organic, locally sourced, ethnic or gluten-free, or services? Does the caterer work with fresh, not frozen, food?

We work with fresh food. We can prepare almost any style of food and take care of most dietary restrictions. We are not kosher but we will be happy to source those for you for a few guests who require it. Please discuss any dietary concerns or needs and we will address them.

6. Does the catered meal come full service?

We will set the tables, serve the meal based on the style of service requested and clean up after.

7. What’s the average price range, and does the caterer offer packages? How many appetizer and entrée choices come with the package? Are costs itemized depending on the foods you choose, or does the caterer offer an all-inclusive rate?

Our buffets start at around $25 per person plus staff and rentals- in total buffets generally start around $45 for everything plus tax. The price of the menu is determined by what food and service style is chosen. Seated meals, served table side, require more servers than a buffet (self-served) meal.

8. When does the caterer need finalized choices?

We like to have the menu by three weeks out. Final count is due 3 days before your event.

9. Will the caterer make special meals for children and other wedding pros, and what does the caterer charge for each? Is the caterer able to prepare vegetarian, kosher or halal meals for a few guests, and is there an additional fee?

Yes, we can provide meals for vendors or children at a reduced rate. We can provide vegetarian, gluten free, and other special meals upon advanced request. Kosher meals must be prepared in a kosher kitchen.

10. When will the tasting take place? Does the caterer offer tastings before being hired?

We do complimentary tastings anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months out.

11. Does the caterer provide wedding cakes as well and, if so, is it included?

We do not specialize in wedding cakes, we have several vendors that we would be happy to recommend. We can do beautiful dessert displays such as Smores, Banana Pudding Bars, Waffle Bars, and Miniature Desert Displays.

12. Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, napkins, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers – and are they extra?

We can provide all of these things. While some venues include these items we can supplement those which do not. They are an extra fee based on how many rental items you will require- see our example proposals under “Menus”.

13. Will the caterer provide a waitstaff? How many are included in the package and what’s the fee for additional waiters?

We include a Party Lead, Servers, Bartenders and Chefs. We will staff accordingly to the style of service and number of guests.

14. What will the caterer and their staff wear?

Our staff wears black slacks, white collared button down shirt with a black tie and vest. We can wear your colors in our ties or apron if you would like.

15. Does the caterer also provide a bar, and what sorts of packages do they offer? How do you charge (by consumption or per person)?

We can provide the alcohol and pricing depends on what type of alcohol will be served. We charge based on consumption. You are also welcome to provide your own alcohol (at some venues and locations- check with your venue first) and we can help you order the proper quantities, pick it up, and chill your alcohol before we serve it.

16. Will the caterer provide alcohol, or do you need to handle the bar separately? Can you provide your own alcohol

At certain locations/ venues you are more than welcome to provide your own bar- in fact we will help you do so successfully. We can make quantities suggestions and coordinate delivery/ pick up and chill it. There is no charge for us to serve your alcohol.

17. How many bartenders are included in the caterer’s package? What’s the caterer’s fee to hire extra?

Bartenders are $35.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. We figure 1 per 50 guests but it varies based on what is being served.

18. How do delivery, setup and breakdown work? What does the caterer do and is there an additional fee? How much time will the caterer need to set up? When will the caterer need access to the wedding site?

We schedule a standard 2 hours for set up and 1 hour for clean up before and after the event. Delivery fees are based on the distance to the venue/ location. Note that some events may require more set up/ clean up time because of intricate menus or venue delivery difficulty.

19. Where will the caterer prepare the food? Are there on-site facilities, or will the caterer need to make additional arrangements with the wedding venue?

If there is a kitchen on site we will prepare some items there. Generally we prep our food at our kitchen and “finish” food in ovens on location. If a menu has us cooking to order (such as stations) we will work with the venue and can provide our own equipment.

20. Will the caterer set out the wedding place cards and menus we created?

Absolutely! We will place items where you would like.

21. Who will oversee the event on the wedding day? Will the same caterer you worked with when planning also oversee meal service on the day? What will happen if he’s sick or otherwise unable to be there?

We will provide a party lead the day of the event.

22. Does the caterer have extra charges, such as a security deposit, sales tax or service fees? What, if any, are the expected gratuities?

Local sales tax applies. We do not charge gratuity. That is optional for you. Security deposits are required for our venues- see venue contract.

23. How does the caterer arrange the food on the buffet or plate? Can you see photos of previous presentations from the caterer?

We strive to display our food as to fit the style and function of the event and it surroundings. We frequently use fresh herbs, produce and items that enhance the vision of the host. See ” Food Pictures” for some of our past displays.


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